Shopping for Swimmers, Part 2

So, how do you narrow it down?

Like I mentioned before, the only choice that makes sense for me is to select someone I would be attracted to.

Is that weird?

I don’t think so.

I screened next for height and build (5’10 +, slim-ish). I am kind of short and stocky (hearty peasant build), a mesomorph with a little extra padding.

My thinking?  Someone tall and slim would hopefully balance out my squatness.


Gah, what next?

The guys I am attracted to tend to be on the fair side, northern European and I am not too fussed about eye colour- though my preference is for lighter over darker.


This is where it got a little more complicated.

I started to screen according to their interests, hobbies…. I like smart guys, somewhat athletic, creative, musical….

It took two passes but I got it down to about 20.

I had black-markered the definite-no’s (guys who only seemed to be into motor bikes and Formula One) but I only put a pencil line through the next ones- just in case.

Then I picked my favourites and requested the free profiles. Eight in total.

This included a bit more information about the donor and fairly extensive information about siblings, parents, the extended family, some included SAT scores, GPA, IQ….

It was a little overwhelming but there was an obvious favourite. I sent the top three to a couple girlfriends of mine and we each ranked them in the same order.

I toyed with the idea that the full profile might be too much information. As it turns out, there were no “units” available.


Of course there aren’t. It would be about 4-6 weeks before any were available but I wanted to make sure he was worth waiting for so I bit the bullet (and the $30 fee) for the extended profile. It included a picture of him as a child and one as an adult, a brief essay, more specific medical information and his reason for becoming a donor in the first place.

He was great.

I sent an email to the coordinator about this donor and asked to be put on the pending list. I had to get in line…. I was number three!

I had convinced myself to wait- even though the counselor had said that you pick your top three and go with whoever is available when you are ready.

Because I was number three, there was no guarantee I would get any units in this go-around.

But I only really liked this one so what next?


~ by angryegg on December 3, 2010.

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