Why Am I Crushing on Infants?

So the wrap party for the live action portion of the show took place on Monday and I have a small crush.

I feel like such a dork because he is a baby- mid-20’s I think.

WAY too young!!!! But not if you are Sam Taylor-Wood….

And Sam Taylor-Wood I am not.

Why not? I’m not sure- especially since it seems to be socially acceptable for guys my age to be looking for girls that age. It just feels a little young to have anything other than fun- which is not a bad thing either.

I suppose.

I had seen him at craft during the shoot but he never really registered with me. At the wrap party, there was a karaoke machine (I went up and fizzled- sorry Chrissy Hynde, I’ll do better next time). There were atrocious singing attempts (all in good fun) but one of the guys could actually sing.

It was kind of hysterical and shocking at the same time. I don’t even remember the song he and the other guys did but you could tell he has chops.

A cute boy who can sing?


And who is this boy?

Kjartan Hewitt, also credited as Kerr Hewitt.

Actor, musician, sometime writer.

I had to google him, of course.

Never mind the fact that his contact info is on the cast and crew sheet- not that I would ever avail myself of the opportunity to actually use it. Too Fatal Attraction meets cheesy teen coming of age movie meets The Graduate.

Please- I’m a total chickensh!t when it comes to this kind of thing, awkward as hell and likely destined to be single for ever (boohoo) so that is the end of that. Besides, I am sure he has a girlfriend and even if he doesn’t I doubt I would be his type.

But my crush aside, he is a talented musician.

I will likely not have the opportunity to see him again and he wouldn’t recognize me if his life depended on it so that is that.

I’ll just slink back home and continue reading the latest literary mashup in my possession- Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter. Victorian England, with all its uptight social mores, upended by succubus assassins, two-headed rats and zombies?

What’s not to love?

God, I’m really going to be single forever.

But I digress….

Closing the door on that crush- after I listen to his music one more time.


~ by angryegg on November 25, 2010.

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