Shopping for Swimmers

I have recently finished my first cycle monitoring and I have the greenlight to move forward. Whew. 

The next thing on the list is choosing a potential baby daddy.

This was never my Plan A but what is a single 41 year old to do?

Especially when one of the most important tests (coincidentally not covered by OHIP) indicated a low egg reserve- not a surprise considering my advanced reproductive age.

Am I still bitter and angry about being put in this position- a little, occasionally- but this is what I want and I am going for it. I just don’t know how far I’ll take it because this has been such an emotional process (already) and my funds are not limitless.

Note to self: buy a lottery ticket tonight and ask my friend to light another candle at church.

Since I am CMV positive (don’t ask) and I am A+, there were no blood-related limitations.

Which can make it harder.

The big question is how you narrow the field.

Coupled people tend to choose someone who looks like their partner. Makes sense.

The criteria for heterosexual versus same-sex couples vary. Interesting.

Many single women choose someone who looks like them. I figure I pretty much have that one covered because I am Asian and the Asian-ness will come out. (That sounds more sinister than I intended.)

I had discussed this with a friend of mine who will likely be going through the same thing in about nine months and we both want to choose a donor we would date. The funny thing is we are both attracted to similar guys (on paper), skinny, white boys, of English/Irish/Scottish/Welsh/Northern European/Australian descent who are smart, creative, athletic….

It is so close that we had the discussion to not choose the same donor. Having children (if we are both so lucky) who are genetically related would be weird. They would look nothing alike (she has blue-eyes, brown hair and is Irish) but it would be a little Stepford.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

After very little research (don’t want to jinx myself) I decided to go with Xytex. It was on the recommended list  of donors given to me by both my fertility clinic and the counselor (there aren’t that many) so I just went with them.

Choosing the broadest range possible (Caucasian, All Blood-types), I got about 70 potential donors who are Canadian Compliant (supposedly, more on that later).

Before even seeing the counselor (who was amazing), I had decided that it wasn’t up to me but my theoretical children if they wanted to find out more about their genetic father when they turned 18 so I immediately eliminated all those candidates who were not amenable to sharing their information.

That took the list down to about 50.

Oh boy, where do you go from there?

Hello personal preferences and biases….


~ by angryegg on November 18, 2010.

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