Is There a Language Barrier?

I am not trying to be sarcastic and bitchy (even though I am those things) but I really want to know since English is not the first language for either of us.

I am in the middle of cobbling together “final” cost reports to be reviewed by the SVP, production executive and consulting producer and I am getting pulled away with questions about stuff that I thought was settled days ago.

Why is it when people screw up and give you something completely unnecessary (and nothing close to what was asked) proceed to question why you need it in the first place?

Would “Because” be an inappropriate response?

I really don’t need this right now. It has been one frustration after another to get these reports together. The financial information is piecemeal because corporate finance is WAY (WAY) behind and is also dealing with auditors right now (the first time for the majority of the senior team).

Fun times all around.

But why do I continue to be questioned about what is required. I am in the thankless position of having to bridge two completely accounting systems. Neither side has any inkling how it works “over there.” Each tells me what the other wants is ridiculous and overhauls are demanded on both sides.

Why can’t we all just shut up and get the work done?

I understand wanting as much information as possible before doing a job. Personally, the better I understand the big picture, the easier it is for me to avoid potential pitfalls.

I get it. I really do.

My problem is when someone screws up and says what I want doesn’t make sense- especially when I explained in detail the first two times we discussed what was required. The time to ask would have been BEFORE you dive in, not after.

Don’t make me do a Tasmanian Devil on your ass.


We just went over it (again), he forwarded an example, I reiterated what is required (for clarity) and I still get another “Why?”


I called- since email can be a little unwieldy.

Did he finally get it right?

I am taking very deep breaths and running to the liquor store at lunch.


~ by angryegg on November 3, 2010.

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