Ford is Toronto’s Mayor-Elect…. Pigs Really Do Fly

I got to the polling station late, about 7:20pm and there were about 50 people waiting outside the front door.

I had to check to make sure I was at the right place.

I found out later, while I was still in line, that some media outlets had already called the election.


I have never had to wait so long to cast my vote for any election- let alone a municipal one. If I had found out that it was all for nothing, I would have been even more angry.

Gee, can you guess who I didn’t vote for? I had actually considered voting strategically but decided to vote for the person who I thought would be the best person for the job. It turned out to be the right move since no one was in the same ballpark as Ford.

I shouldn’t write that it was “all for nothing.” My vote still counts- even though I didn’t know how I was going to mark the ballot  until I had it in front of my face. Now I get to bitch about the results to my heart’s content for  the next four years.

It is my credo that one does not get to complain about election results unless one has actually tried to make their voice heard when it counts, by voting.

It’s not that one’s voice is not heard outside of an election but it is of particular importance during an election. One’s vote is quantifiable as opposed to being one among a crowd at a protest in some random park somewhere which may or may not get media coverage. If you don’t like any of the candidates (as is often the case for me), a friend of mine (who has worked for Elections Canada) told me I could always spoil my ballot- it still gets counted but also serves as a statement. Protest noted.

I shouldn’t be such a pessimist but my expectations for Ford are low- very low.

How much does he really respect taxpayers? Time will tell.

My real question is will tax-paying voters ever NOT be duped by the promise of lower taxes? Were the Harris years really that long ago?

Maybe he’ll surprise me… and maybe hell will freeze over too.



~ by angryegg on October 26, 2010.

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