Polaris 25…. It’s On!!!

As a favour to a friend, I agreed to have a drink at his local hangout (Amnesia) to help smooth the way with his sick and pouty boyfriend.

I had already had two drinks at the bar we had just left but his boyfriend was moodie and so I agreed to help him out. I am not a people person but I went in and with a decidedly Pollyanna attitude

It turns out he is the biggest science fiction nerd!!!!


And so, in the interest of good relations, I unleashed the full force of my geekdom and now I have two more people committed to attending the 25th anniversary of the con.

I’ve been home for an hour and I am still deliriously giddy.

Slowly but surely I am amassing a group of people to party it up. I am even going in costume for the first time ever- classic Star Trek, of course, and there is talk of going to Active Surplus to put together a Borg costume.

It will be epic.

Of course, in this case, I didn’t have to go into a hard sell because he already goes to cons!!!

SO awesome and SO unexpected.

Despite the fact that I had them at “convention,” I felt obligated to tell them about Klingon Karaoke (Friday only), the two nerd dances (went to the one on Saturday this year and it was hilarious (in spite of the fact the DJs ignored our requests), they love that there is a Ten Forward, the Masquerade, the plethora of panels and I regaled them with stories of guests from cons past.

I don’t hide my inner nerd but I generally don’t have much of a chance to unleash.

Of course I had to tell them about my crush on the math prof with the Aussie accent who has an affinity for zombies, math and Dr. Who. Crazy right? I had them at the accent.

That they are already planning more than one costume for the three days of events is a good sign- though I admit to threatening them if they back out on me now. I forwarded the link to the site and my giddiness ratcheted up a little more with the confirmation of Adam Baldwin as a guest.

LOVE HIM!!! How can anyone NOT love Jane???

I shook my head when they revealed they have not seen the few precious episode of Firefly…. When I get my set back from another friend, they and Serenity are going with them for careful study.


Polaris 25 is going to turn out to be one massive party.

I. Can’t. Wait.


~ by angryegg on September 17, 2010.

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