Are Billionaire Puppet Masters Pulling Your Strings?

Okay, so I probably read The New York Times (#46 on the list of Stuff White People Like- though I’m not white, on the outside) online way too much (I have this not so secret fantasy of living in Manhattan or one of the Boroughs and picking up the Sunday Times and reading it from front to back over a languid breakfast….) but this was another piece I could not resist mentioning.

People are so easily led.

No is exempt.

We all are susceptible.

Anyone who thinks they are immune is either a psychopath or completely delusional (which means they are likely even more susceptible than most).

What do I know about The Tea Party (not the Canadian rock group) other than it is a seemingly ultra-right wing socially and fiscally conservative movement picking up steam with people such as Sarah Palin as their poster child? Yes, that Sarah Palin who could not tell you what she reads while insisting that she reads a lot….

Not that much- though I wonder how long before Harper tries to make Canada their best bud to the north- if he hasn’t already.

The Tea Party take their name from the Boston Tea Party in pre-revolutionary America where colonists protested against heavy-handed taxation by the British government but what are they fighting for?

Well, that isn’t exactly clear and much depends on who you are talking to- a more traditional conservative or a potentially more socially-liberal libertarian.


The majority seek to defend the Constitution, want a balanced budget, less government and less government intervention, lower taxes.

Sounds reasonable but to whose benefit?

Who is pulling the strings behind the curtain?

Who are the wizards of Oz?

Rupert Murdoch (yes, THAT, Rupert Murdoch) and the brothers David and Charles Koch are the “Invisible Hands” that steer the course of the movement to their own advantage.

Think about it.

Who stands to benefit the most with a reduction in taxes, decreased government regulation, squeezing organized labour, a diminished the social welfare net?

I am not saying one doesn’t have the right to protest. By all means, protest. Protest until you are blue in the face but make sure you protest by voting because that is when your voice matters most but also, know why you are voting the way you do.

Right or left, bajillionaires are pulling the strings to serve their special interests and make their lives easier, not yours.

Know what who you are fighting for before you throw your weight behind any cause- you may get more (or much  less) than you bargained for.


~ by angryegg on September 7, 2010.

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