For F@%&ing Sake, Do Your Job

I can appreciate that we are all busy- up to our frakkin’ eyeballs (and then some) but can you people just do your bloody job?

How many circles do we need to runaround before you get the picture?

There is no one left to do the work- everyone else was laid off or were smart enough to get out of dodge on their own.

Feeling kind of envious right now….

I could be decompressing with my severance cheque in the bank.

I was given a protracted end-date (August end) but I took a calculated risk accepting a contract extension to the end of July 2011 that doesn’t make a lot of sense- if I am to see the production to audit and the production doesn’t really wrap until the end of August…. 2 + 2 apparently equals 42.

I didn’t know what my job would entail when this was presented to me- otherwise I would have pointed out this inconsistency.

Too many times, even in the last couple days, I see emails go back and forth needlessly because no one is willing to take ownership of anything. People are more concerned with building a moat around their respective positions- not realizing this creates nothing but more rubble when they are knocked down.

Unless you happen to be related to one of the owners of the company or you used to clean their pool, no one is safe.

Things continue to get uglier and instead of working together to make life as bearable as possible, people are clustering together like petty cliques in high school and decrying the advantages of one group over another. I have tried to be Switzerland as much as possible, especially between production and finance but the divide is even greater now and I find myself an island of one.

It really IS high school all over again.

I did not like high school.

The people who wax endlessly about the frenemies in their life are the very people who are the first to cluster in giggly finger-pointing groups.

Not obvious at all.

Go ahead and point your fingers- just give me the stuff I need to get my frakkin’ work done.


~ by angryegg on September 3, 2010.

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