I Put Up a Profile on eHarmony…. Now What? Part 3

So my profile has been up for a few weeks but I am not sure if I am “doing” it right.

Is there a code of etiquette I should be following?

I ask because I don’t really know.

When do you archive someone? (I have basically been using this as an organizational tool- with 6/7 matches a day, the list gets unwieldy fast.)

When do you close someone? (I haven’t yet.)

Would it be incredibly superficial of me to push the button on someone if I am not attracted to them?

Presumably people will try to put their best foot forward and put up what they consider to be the best pictures of themselves. Of course, they could be like me and be photographically challenged but I also have to consider (according to friends of mine who have been through the internet dating trenches) these may not even be photos of themselves or they were taken 15 years ago.

So, unless they look like a serial killer, I try not to exclude them based on looks alone, but what some people will write about themselves is a little puzzling.

What is one to think if someone puts his ex-girlfriend as the most influential person in their life?

Is it bad that I judge people harshly by the books they do or do not read? (John Grisham? Dan Brown? Zzzzzz….)

I have requested that people be matched within about five years at either side of my age but the majority of the guys look SO much older…. That is not a bad thing necessarily- just an observation. Or, as my internet dating “coach” states, they could be lying about their age.

But maybe I’m not as young as I think I look….

I had someone request additional photos but I honestly don’t have anything recent. I can’t find the battery recharger for the camera battery so it will have to wait. I hate having my photo taken and this will hurt, besides, I am not sure how I feel about someone who will just be judging me on my looks- unlike many people I know or know of, I have never had a boyfriend try to destroy my confidence by criticizing my body.

I am not trying to hide anything (as this same individual insists he dislikes) but I may have just dropped off his list by not presenting more pictures.

Oh well.

I am also weirded out by topless pix (there are many) and am surprised by the number of people I have been matched up with who love motorbikes and or scuba diving.

I have been told that I need to be more active, i.e. sending out requests for communication.

I will- I just have to steel myself for cyber-rejection.

In the meantime, I wonder if I will run into any of the matches within a 50 mile radius….


~ by angryegg on August 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “I Put Up a Profile on eHarmony…. Now What? Part 3”

  1. Oh, you internet dating virgin! I close people immediately if I’m not attracted to them based on what they wrote in their profile and/or photo. I’m not superficial but I do want to be physically attracted to people I date (says the single girl). As for the rejection – you get used to it and learn not to take it personally after a while. 🙂

  2. That I am.

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