You Know You Have Lost Weight When….

Your gay friends AND your RMT comment on the changes.

My friend almost guessed to the pound how much weight I have lost since my break-up. A little scary.

And you know you have REALLY made a difference when your Chinese mother doesn’t call you fatty to your face as she tries to shove food down your gullet.

The other day my mom paid me a half compliment. I was a little ahead of her and she said that my hips and thighs aren’t really the problem but I would have to work on my stomach.

Uh, thanks…I think.

She has also said that I could be so pretty if I just lost some weight….

I tried to diffuse that with cheek, “I thought I already WAS pretty.” She laughed. I could be even prettier was her point.

Yes, that is my life’s goal- to be pretty.

Respect? Intelligence? Independence? Who needs any of that if you are pretty, right?

I know she means well but I am not really good with negative reinforcement.

Now where did I put that bag of Doritos?

I have always found it frustrating to have my mom call me tubbo while she tries to make me eat super-sized dinner-for-four portions. Ours was always a clean-your-plate kind of family. Nothing was to be wasted so you had to make sure you only took what you could eat while also trying to cover your bowl or plate when they moved to load you up.

I push back, of course. I’m not a kid anymore.

If she’s living with me, I can’t let her sabotage my quest for health and vigour. She has a lot of health issues so I want us to do this together. Her doctors rely heavily on medication to treat her cholesterol, high blood sugar and high blood pressure. One would think the doctors would tell her to change her diet but they don’t. It is a constant struggle to get her to lay off the salt and sugar.  She will insist that no salt was added but she doused it with soy sauce. Right.

I read an article recently about the benefits of tai chi in the treatment of fibromyalgia. My mom doesn’t have pain issues but I worry about her mobility. When those tai chi DVDs come in from the library, we are going to do the exercises every morning.  It is a gentle holistic martial art- right up my alley.

And the fact that many of the participants in the study lost weight? Bonus fries.

My friend thinks I have reached a good place. He said not to lose any more weight because I don’t want to lose the girls. I laughed.

I am about 10 lbs from the upper limit of the BMI. I know the measure is not perfect but technically I am still considered overweight. When I hit that goal, the running shoes go on and I will reassess.

Hopefully, the girls will stick around.


~ by angryegg on August 24, 2010.

One Response to “You Know You Have Lost Weight When….”

  1. You know this blog post sounds a lot like me and my weight problems and my mom too. Kinda creepy. But yeah don’t let mom sabotage your goal. And the pretty thing…I hate that too.

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