Shoe Sadness

I have coveted the Fiorentini & Baker 7040 boot  in black (the three buckle version) for years.

My Obsession

My Obsession

Literally years.

I finally got up the nerve to go to the very chichi George C shoe store in Yorkville to try them on.

I wasn’t going to initially because the boots looked too slim but I had nothing to lose. At least, this way I would know for sure. The obsession will not dissipate if I didn’t know, once and for all, whether I could squeeze my ample calves into this beautiful leather (and leather lined) boot.

But my instincts were right.


They are very expensive, $795 + HST. I have been trying to justify the cost (I will have them forever) and almost wished the decision would be made for me- if they didn’t fit. I am not usually in the habit of spending the equivalent of rent on what some people deem a luxury.

I was feeling guilt over something I hadn’t even done yet.

I had “frivolous” friends and my sister on one shoulder encouraging me to go for it because I deserved something nice- especially considering everything that has happened in the last year. My more fiscally responsible friends were on my other shoulder encouraging a more prudent approach (more research, waiting for a sale) or suggested less expensive alternatives.

But this all turned out to be moot.

Be careful what you wish for. (Stupid, stupid me.)

I tried on a short boot but they did not have the two buckle version of this style in my size so, despite the raves of a customer who was buying three pairs of Fiorentini & Baker boots (lucky woman) I had to leave empty-handed.

Am I destined never to own a pair of leather boots that go over my calves?

I walked out of the store wondering if there were exercises I could do to slim down my calf muscles.

But realistically, I will have to look for another alternative.

I like the look of these but I would have to find them and try them on.

Obsession Replacement?

Well, I am going to New York City in October- maybe I’ll have more luck there. These boots are significantly cheaper in the States and the frugal side of me is getting a little giddy at the prospect of purchasing my own F & B boots at about a 25-30% discount.

Barney’s here I come!


~ by angryegg on August 19, 2010.

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