Countdown to August 27th Suspended

I agonized over it and I am still not entirely sure if staying is/was the right decision.

Well, the contract is signed, sealed and delivered. For better or worse, I am in the thick of it- again.

If I were only doing one job, that would be different but the “job” is really more like two or three. It changes constantly- and not in my favour.

There are issues with each of the tasks I am taking on. Why? Because so many people have been let go (or were smart enough to resign) and succession planning is a dirty word when all that matters to the powers that be is the bottom line. We are all apparently interchangeable drones- skill sets are a secondary consideration, if that.

The only reason I have even a clue that there are problems is because I have been here long enough to realize when something doesn’t make sense. Operations has been an issue for years for us worker bees.

Things will continue to limp along- until they don’t but while the productions are on, I figure my position is relatively secure.

I did all the pros and cons- a few times. I lucked out and had people go to bat for me to get a decent raise. Percentage-wise, it sounds amazing but I am only now earning something that is fair but having security for another 11 months and my severance guaranteed at the end of the contract is reassuring.

I will learn software that is industry standard, get experience in live action, I will endeavour to expand my experience production side, make more connections (important if I decide to go the union route) and I will have more time to get some personal projects on the go.

But the positives are offset by the stress and the expectation that any individual left standing will have to take on all the jobs left behind- that is why I originally believed (and still do sometimes) that being laid off would be the best case scenario.

I find it difficult to say no and that can get me into trouble. Things have been crazy for a while but the crazy is about to be turbo-charged.

I always try to do my best but I don’t want to give my life over to this job. I am hoping that all the pieces will fall into place but I’m a realist.

A new countdown may be in the offing.


~ by angryegg on August 19, 2010.

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