Eat, Pray, Blah, Blah, Blah

In advance of the opening of the Julia Roberts movie this weekend (#2 behind the testosterone-injected The Expendables), Eat, Pray, Love has been everywhere.

Total disclosure: I haven’t read the book and I have absolutely no desire to see the movie.

The very idea of the Oprah-endorsed book by Elizabeth Gilbert makes me itch.

My sister raved about EPL so I flipped through a copy at the bookstore but I just couldn’t go there.

Am I not evolved enough? Is it because I don’t worship at the alter of Oprah? Is that why I don’t get it?

Then I found out the company that published the book also PAID for her trip. What little authenticity I had subscribed to this woman’s experience was now gone.

Call me harsh but that turned my itch into a rash.

I was thinking I was among the few who didn’t drink the koolaid and then I read this article on

I am not alone!! (What a relief.)

I had never heard the term Priv Lit before (my mind went to the gutter first) and then duh, Privileged.

One can be poor in pocket but rich in spirit.

Because it is never (never) about the money.


Is it bad that I laughed out loud when Joshunda Sanders and Diana Barnes-Browne write that this book could easily have been titled Wealthy, Whiny, White? (Probably says a lot more about me….) But funnies aside, it is a brilliant and insightful article on the self-help phenomenon that shows no sign of slowing.

I shouldn’t hate on this book because it is not just this book but others like it that would have you believe that your absolute desire for something, the belief that something could be yours if you want it bad enough (The Secret) is all that it takes.

If only I had my own personal swami to show me the way to enlightenment….

Maybe I should give the book another chance- I’m sure the library has a million copies to lend out.

I just need to hide all sharp objects- just in case I want to gouge out my eyes.


~ by angryegg on August 15, 2010.

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