Back to School- Let the Shopping Begin

A new school year generally means new clothes, new pencil case, just new stuff in general- a clean slate.

But school boards, faced with tighter and tighter budgets are sending out longer and more detailed shopping lists of items for students to bring the first day of school.

I knew more and more was being asked of parents (and teachers) but I had no idea.

Cleaning products? Toilet paper? Really?


I was talking to a friend of mine who has four grade school aged children and the lists of musts for the school year is extensive and very specific. Two pencil cases, 48 HB pencils (sharpened), 150 sheets three-ring lined paper, three white 1″ binders, two blue duo-tangs, one red, one orange, one pink, one tourquoise, three yellow, seven erasers (really??), two 24-pack Crayola pencil crayons….

Of course enterprising companies will put these packages together for you at a premium but at the cost of $90+, I think I would do a little (a lot of) running around on my own.

But let’s not forget the indoor sneakers, outdoor sneakers….

There is a reason shopping for school is second only to shopping for Christmas and stores are getting smarter by stocking those items required by local schools.

Where does this end?

And what about families living on the margin? I am sure there must be assistance programs but how humiliating to be segregated in this way.

So now there are forums for parents in the same predicament to save some money by posting sales alerts for those items on the list.

One must do what one must do.


~ by angryegg on August 15, 2010.

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