Why Would You Have a Needle Stuck in Your Face When You are 18??

I don’t get it.

I remember hearing about the 18-year-old singer who got her face “freshened” up with Botox and a skin tightening treatment before her appearance on the upcoming season of Glee when the news first broke a few weeks ago and then I read this article that says this is not that unusual.


We all have issues with our body (except maybe Gisele Bundchen) and we may even dream about the things we would change if we could. I would love to be taller (such an advantage in tennis, volleyball, rock climbing…) and I would kill to have thicker hair (so I wouldn’t have to consider shaving my head when it thins to next to nothing) but these are things you can’t really do anything about without resorting to a lot of pain and spending a lot of money.

I don’t like pain as a general rule (breaking my bones to force them to lengthen) and I can think of much better ways to spend my money than plugs or drugs that you have to take for the rest of your life (already shaved my head once, I looked okay and I can deal with that).

When I worked in Yorkville, I was surrounded by people (rich and not so rich) who spent a lot of money to go to extremes to make themselves look (and one would assume, make them feel) better. Oh the stories I could tell….

A beautiful girl I worked with once asked me what I would get done. I really didn’t know. Anything I wanted to change was within my power to change if I wished (lose some weight). I am not willing to get liposuction for the reasons mentioned earlier and for me, it would be cheating, in bizarre way. I want to earn my body, not pay for it.

I am not even sure if that makes sense.

Well, she was very insistent. I finally gave in and said something and that was her proof that I would do something. Okay.

And what would she get done? Lipo her knees because she thought they were fat.

I guess using botox to “thin” ones face is not really that different from the nose jobs people had done in high school but what gets me is that they are still changing physically and how they feel about themselves is also changing.

Some of these procedures may not be “permanent” but what are the cumulative effects? And what is the effect on their self-esteem?

Are these procedures becoming common place? Something you do before you go to Prom? All the celebs do it before the Oscars so why shouldn’t we?

The cultural differences pointed out in the article were very interesting. A lot of Asians will have Botox injected into their jaws for a slimmer face or have surgery to create a fold to make their eyes look more “Western” (even my sister was very proud of the fact that her natural eye fold was more pronounced than mine…okay) but they would never consider rhinoplasty.

I am not saying that I will never get anything done (don’t ever want to say never- it’s like tempting fate) but it is a slippery slope. I have seen a good friend go back under the knife to fix perceived imperfections over and over again- even though she was already deeply in debt. She was never happy with the result and constantly talked about how she needed to go back again.

You hear about the horror stories of people who die on the table or have the kind of adverse reactions that are rare but can happen.

I guess, that fear is part of the reason I have never considered doing anything or maybe my self-esteem is not as shot as I thought it was.


~ by angryegg on August 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “Why Would You Have a Needle Stuck in Your Face When You are 18??”

  1. I have always thought getting plastic surgery should be something someone should have after being a victim of a brutal attack or a burn victim or someone who needed it for life bettering weight reduction or perhaps they had a cleft pallet or breast cancer etc.

    I don’t think I could do it though just to do it cause I had money and the time and the patience to deal with healing. And getting liposuction would be like cheating for me too…it wouldn’t help me change my eating habits or help me learn how to exercise. It would just make me lazy and in pain. For get that.

  2. I see the value for health reasons as well. For me, I think much of it has to do with self-acceptance and good point about the liposuction. People may see it as a quick fix but if habits aren’t changed, one would find themselves in the same predicament prompting the procedure in the first place. To spend the money, put up with the pain and to end up at square one again? Super sadness.

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