America’s Continuing Decline

Everyone talks about the recovery but do they really believe it?

A friend of mine lives in California and he says it is bad.

Very bad.

He has been in the States for about 10 years and is desperate to come back to Canada.

And then I read an article by an economist I respect, Paul Krugman, and I can’t help but think the hole the States is in is getting deeper and deeper.

Saving money by turning off some streetlights, unpaving roads that can no longer be maintained, making the school year shorter….

So this is what it has come to.

Infrastructure spending is usually the go-to stimulus option for governments wanting to inject money into the economy. The lack of infrastructure is usually one of the things preventing economic growth in developing countries and therefore something that is generally prioritized. But the U.S. is going in the opposite direction?

Education is often seen as the means by which people can break out of a meagre existence and now that is becoming more and more difficult. Test results of students in North America are already shown to be falling behind other countries and part of the reason may be our shorter school year and yet, some states are making the school year even shorter. Programs are being cut, teachers are being laid off so class sizes are getting bigger- what’s next?

Resources are not unlimited and choices have to be made. Money has to be spent judiciously but some of these measures seem decidedly short-sighted.

I don’t have the answers and what may be right in one case may not be right for another but I think it is very important that we ask the questions and if we don’t like or understand the answers?

Ask more questions.

Where are our tax dollars going? And why?

The people making the decisions are there because we put them there. Remind them who they are accountable to- because they wouldn’t be there without us.


~ by angryegg on August 9, 2010.

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