What Does It Take to Get a Family Doctor in Toronto???

This is not a rhetorical question.

Looking for a family doctor is like looking for the Snuggleupagus. Anyone worth their salt closes their practice to new patients almost before they put out the word.

And if you are a female doctor, no need to advertise, just mention it in passing to a random person you are accepting new patients and you will be inundated.

That is awesome for the doctor- not so much for the rest of us desperate to find a decent physician.

No connections. No ins. Do I have to give up my first born?

Oh, yeah, that is why I need a doctor in the first place.

I signed up with Healthcare Connect but that basically puts you on a database which is really a glorified waiting line. Take a number.

No guarantees though and you are encouraged to continue looking on your own. Yeah, I get it, don’t call us, we’ll call you. Bureaucracy being what it is, I’ll get a doctor just in time to sign my death certificate.

Thanks for coming out.

There used to be a list on the web to search for doctors accepting patients. That makes a lot of sense so logic dictates it probably disappeared ages ago.


One friend has given me scores of suggestions and they have all been duds- again, anyone good is taken. I have almost given up the referral method of finding someone. My sister is going to see what she can do but she’s in Germany. Sorry, not going to hold my breath on that one.

Bottom line: What are my options?

Option #1: Healthcare Connect has not forwarded my promised information packet, so I will not, as per instructions, not rely solely on them. (Let’s see how long it takes for this presumably generic package to be sent to my email. That will be telling.) Technically this option exists but doesn’t really because I am not pregnant and am basically healthy (that I know, anyway) so to the bottom I go.

Option #2: Continue to solicit more referrals. So far a waste of time for me and the referrer.

Option #3: Walk into the nearest clinic/office with a sign indicating they are accepting patients and take my chances. It’s a crap shoot. Do I really want to jeopardize my mental, physical, reproductive health to someone who may the second coming of Damian?

It is looking more and more like door #3 will be my only recourse.

Desperate times- getting ready to roll the dice….


~ by angryegg on August 5, 2010.

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