Metric Rocks Union Station

I almost left because the crowd was crazy!!!

But I am glad I didn’t- they put on a great set.

Thank you Samsung Mobile for bringing them to us for free.

I’m only a little sorry your rep was booed as he tried to plug some new phone, blah, blah.

But what did you really expect?

We all knew who the sponsor was- the sign right above the stage was a little hard to miss. You didn’t need to rub it in our face. If you were going to plug it, you needed some super model type that people will drool over- sad but true.

They were a little late getting started which wasn’t a problem. I’m fairly patient. I had staked a place on the median but some 6’2″ yahoo moved right in front of me and blocked what little bit of the stage I could see. I’m short but not invisible!!! Brutal.

I decided to leave- I’ve seen Metric at the Virgin Music Festival on the Island and at the Mod Club. I didn’t need to put up with morons.

Luckily, I walked past the stage and got a great side view beside the Royal York.

How were Metric? In a word, awesome!

So high energy, especially Emily Haines.

They always put on a great show. You just want to dance- and some people were dancing on the street, literally.

You don’t have to know their music to get into it, the driving guitar, the 80’s inspired synthesizer and the ethereal vocals of the lead singer.

See them if you ever have the chance.


~ by angryegg on August 4, 2010.

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