The Break-Up Diet

In just over 3 ½ weeks, I have lost about 10lbs.

That may not seem like very much to some but for me, it is a HUGE drop and it was not done intentionally.

Weight loss for me is glacial and not easily noticeable because I am fairly well proportioned.

If I gain, I gain everywhere. If I lose, I lose it all over.

This is the antithesis of my modus operandi post break-up.

My tendency has been to feed my sorrow with salty snacks, sugary pop, juicy burgers, onion rings and French fries.

Not this time.

My stomach has been in knots and I haven’t really wanted to eat because nothing stays down.

To be fair, I have to factor in the hot humid weather that has been making even water almost a desirable beverage (hate water) and fresh, light salads and fruit my only resort.

I also fell victim to an unexpected crush about a week and a half ago (that is thankfully dissipating) which also contributed to the snakes-eating-butterflies in my stomach and my inability to eat.

Walking 2+ hours a day, at least five days a week also plays into the drop- my house is much farther from work than the ex’s. (Yippee for me.)

So, eating less (portion control), exercising more (especially the variety that doesn’t cause an increase in one’s appetite), drinking water (gross) with a side of stomach jitters…. Reasonable (and healthy)- except for the emotion-induced ailment.

But this can’t last and it won’t.

I love food too much and I will move past this latest bump in my road.

But this sudden drop is unprecedented for me and I cannot look this gift-horse in the mouth.

How do I capitalize on this windfall?

Continue to eat fresh, unprocessed food in “normal” people proportions but not deprive myself of anything.

Continue walking (because I hate the TTC) but add yoga, swing dance (just bought some lessons), kettlebell workouts, tennis (when the weather cools) and anything else that looks like it may be fun. Dare I consider signing up for a 5K?

Get more sleep (something that I haven’t really been doing much of).

Try this crazy acupressure/massage technique my mom has been reading about and now swears by.

I am within striking distance of the outer edge of the healthy BMI range. Very exciting.

When I hit that target, it will be time to reassess. On many levels, it will be time to reassess.


~ by angryegg on July 30, 2010.

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