Dating Advice from Strangers Once Removed

So a friend was reading my blog and took my cry for help literally- and acted swiftly.

I love my friends.

Apparently a friend of hers has done the online dating thing (though he has given it up on them) so she put forward the question if there was something specifically targeting us SF nerds.

He figures there must be tons of geektivities (love that term!) and places like Bakka and the Lillian H. Smith Library (home to the Merrill Collection of SF, Speculation and Fantasy) where SF nerds can find each other.  

Yeah, that would be great if I had the balls nerve to approach people in the first place.

He liked the idea of the calling cards. In a way the idea of a calling card kind of harkens back to a more gentile time, kind of. But, he figures there should be an easy way to do it on your own and cut out the middle man…. Hmmm, must give this some more thought. This would be ideal for someone like me who becomes mute in front of someone I find attractive.

Don’t have witty repartee? Here’s a cheeky card.

It’s actually kind of interesting to get a boy’s take on this. (I’ll have to ask some of the other boys I know….) I have only heard from the girls- it is pretty even Stephen as far as the internet dating thing goes. Some of us want to give Speed Dating a go- not that I have much faith in it beyond funny stories after the fact. I should go in with a positive attitude and not pre-judge. You never know.

I could always step of the curb and get hit by a bus.

You never know.


~ by angryegg on July 27, 2010.

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