Breaking Up and Dating in the Digital Age, Part Three

I am a total neophyte when it comes to dating in the 21st century. Who am I kidding? Dating period.

I was reading an article about these new digitally assisted icebreakers, online/not online hybrids popping up which enable you to slip a card (with or without a cheeky message) to someone you fancy and the card directs them to a website where they can check you out and safely correspond, or not.



My introversion is not extreme but it can be debilitating. I feel awkward and ridiculous. My go-to is to clam up and do the exact opposite of what I want to do. Friends have seen me in “action” and if they didn’t know better, they would have thought I was completely NOT interested in the object of my affection.

Fantastic. That is EXACTLY the message I want to get across.

I know I err on the side of invisibility but what is a ghost to do? and are two of the sites mentioned which nudge you towards that next step- especially for people like me who tend to turn tail and run in the opposite direction.  There is a built in safety factor since you can remain incognito as long as you wish and you get to check people out before you do anything. I would say this is kind of important since people are prone to exaggeration or omission on these dating sites. (Really?)

There is also a free iPhone dating app called Skout which uses the GP in the phone to show you where other singles are hanging out. Profiles can be checked out and instant messages can be forwarded if there is interest. Thankfully it doesn’t pinpoint exact locations- stalking only partially encouraged.

A lifetime ago I was a buyer in a boutique in the Yorkville area. One of the customers flashed this card she had made up with her name in bold red lettering and her phone number. She would hand this out to guys she thought were interesting. I wonder if this was effective? She probably didn’t need the cards (she was very outgoing and they would have been more convenient than writing a number on a napkin but she was way ahead of the curve.

So what is my next step? I’ll likely pull a Hamlet and over think it.

Seriously, I am going to focus on doing things that interest me and restore my sense of self. And if I happen to meet amazing people when I am doing these things, bonus fries. Some may think this is too passive but too bad.

I am juggling too many balls other people have thrown at me- I am not going to add another of my own accord (my current crush aside). Technology will have to sit on the back-burner for a bit but if anyone has any great ideas, I am all ears.


~ by angryegg on July 26, 2010.

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