Sucker for Nice

I am really THAT easy.

I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous. When I look back at the boys I have dated and been attracted to, there has definitely been a “type”- intelligent, creative, funny, British/Scottish/Irish/Australian/Scandinavian background, in dire need of a sandwich.

If he played tennis, rode a motor bike and/or was musical, bonus fries. But what would clinch it for me- if he was nice.

Kindness, not even directed at me.

I was walking up Bathurst from the King Street Beer Crawl and I saw someone struggling to help a person in a wheel chair cross the street. I was a little far away but I was moving over to help- the light was about to change and they were stuck in the middle. Coming in the opposite direction, a guy in a plaid shirt beat me to the punch. It was a struggle but they made it across.

I’ll never see the guy again and I wouldn’t even recognize him if I did because he was too far away (and I am a little nearsighted). That doesn’t really matter. What does is the fact that his cute quotient jumped.

This past weekend, I went to a zombie panel at Polaris 24. He used math to model Zombie attacks and show how different variables tweak the equations and provide us with potential outcomes and thus, a strategy to ensure the survival of the human race. It was fascinating and hysterical at the same time. My friend was practically giddy- the boy loves his zombies.

Zombie graphics juxtaposed with mathematical equations and real world applications? How could anyone not find this funny and intriguing?

The guy giving the presentation was cute, very earnest- you can tell he is very passionate about math and science fiction. That is very attractive- and the soft Aussie accent didn’t hurt.

I did not notice him at all at the convention up until that point (Saturday night) but he seemed to be everywhere on Sunday. I didn’t do anything because I am a total chicken- afraid of rejection. But what really got me was seeing him be randomly nice to strangers.

I was heading down a crowded hallway to drop off a survey at the Info Desk when he walks past me. Some people were trying to navigate one of those brass handled luggage trolleys around a very tight corner. They couldn’t see because it was overloaded so he helped them steer it around the bend. Of course it was three grateful older ladies with way too much luggage. (In my mind, this is a scene in a cheesy romcom.)

This happened in a fraction of a second but that was all it took- full-on crush mode.

My stomach is all tied up in knots and I haven’t really been able to eat without getting slightly nauseous. Silly, non?

I don’t know if he has a girlfriend, a boyfriend, or even if he is an axe-murderer. He doesn’t live in the city and the likelihood of seeing him again (other than the convention next year) is remote.

But that little act of kindness (one that he has probably forgotten about) is what sunk my battleship.

I am very level-headed, practical, down-to-earth if slightly (okay, more than slightly) sardonic with a pinch of giddy but it took very little for me to fall into this flight of fancy.

This will fade (eventually, because I don’t know what to do beyond my initial email to let him know we thought his panel rocked and the not too subtle mention of my crush in the panel blog) and just become a funny story.

But, it is a relief to know I am not completely beyond repair- that I can still feel that way about someone new- even if he is a total stranger, albeit, a nice stranger.


~ by angryegg on July 23, 2010.

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