Rokeby House Calls Me

I am not sure why but I am fascinated by Rokeby House, a crumbling 195 year old, 43 room house set on 420 rolling acres in on the landmark Hudson River where old money once cavorted.

I guess I have visions of The Great Gatsby and Hotel New Hampshire dancing in my head.

Part of the allure is that this place is so different from what I know, mysterious and magical. One of the few privately own estates left in the area, there seems to be a constant struggle to make ends meet through haymaking, rents from the disparate band of artists, organic farming and as a set for filmmakers, photo shoots (having recently been used as the backdrop for the current Anthropologie catalogue) and weddings.

I crave a creative life but I am not bohemian and the somewhat communal style of living is not my cup of tea- I value my privacy and my personal space.

But the history, the vistas, the romance of uncertainty, the opportunity to explore a whole different world….

It would be a great place to take a breather and lose oneself.


~ by angryegg on July 23, 2010.

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