Is This Weird?

A bunch of us were on beer crawl on King last night (SO much better last year!) and ended up at The Banknote- our last stop because we had worked our way west.

We were starving so we ordered food. I was leaning toward the fish and chips but someone pointed out the burgers were only $7.99.


One girl ordered fettucine alfredo (at a pub?) and it came with two big pieces of bread. She offered it up to the table- she’s tiny and doesn’t eat much. I took a piece- thinking I needed as many carbs as possible to soak up the alcohol. I had opted for onion rings with my Black Angus beef burger (I would bet good money the patty came from the PC frozen food line) and proceeded to make an onion ring sandwich.

I got some funny looks.

Is that really so bizarre?

The onion ring sandwich was the appetizer to the rest of the meal. Made sense to me.

I went to university. Sometimes food was scarce. Rather than just subsisting on ramen noodles, rice and fake KD (because it was cheaper), a loaf of bread could take you far. And a little variety is nice too. Portable and versatile, pretty much anything was fair game between two slices of bread.

A friend of mine once ate a slice of apple pie between two slices of white bread to gross out his high school girl friend- and because he didn’t feel like dirtying up a fork and plate. I can respect that.

I also knew people who would eat “blood” sandwiches- white bread with a delicious ketchup filling. (Actually, they seemed to have a thing for condiments.) Not really my thing unless you threw chips into the mix. Now that is good- with or without the ketchup. I prefer not.

I like chip sandwiches so an onion ring sandwich isn’t really a stretch. These are pretty basic but can be the building blocks for something much more interesting and creative. Try it before you mock.

But it’s not all unhealthy. Salad sandwiches (for some reason) taste better than just having salad. Add chips into the mix and you have sandwich nirvana.

This is making me hungry- I just hope no one has finished off the bread.


~ by angryegg on July 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Is This Weird?”

  1. Totally not weird. There is a British pub on Yonge and you can order a chip buddy, which is a chip sandwich and by chip I mean french fry. My friend also rather enjoys a potato chip sandwich using Miss. Vicki’s jalepeno chips, butter and white bread. Not gonna lie also delicious.

  2. Yummy delicious goodness. I think I need to go to that pub!

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