Putting Your Wardrobe on a Diet

Or how to get by on six items of clothing for 31 days.

Not including shoes, accessories or underwear (thank God!!!)

How many of us stand in front of the closet(s) every morning, wondering what to wear? Well, that choice is much easier when you can choose from only six items of clothing. Choose wisely.

This web experiment, Six Items or Less, was spun out of the musings of Heidi Hackemer and Tamsin Davies from a conversation about their desire to streamline their wardrobes. It’s a little like packing for the weekend- what do you absolutely need and do they all go together?

This experiment also reminded me another exercise (previously blogged about) in frugality (?), conscious shopping (?), individuality (?), eco awareness (?), breaking away from our consumption based society (?)- The Uniform Project.

How much do we really need?

How much do we really wear?

How much stuff do we have in our closets still have the tags on them?

Another site, The Great American Apparel Diet, challenges those who are willing to take up the gauntlet, to refrain from shopping for “new apparel” for a whole year. There is a list of what is and isn’t allowed but the basic idea is to make do with what you currently have in your possession.

And then there are people who are taking up the challenge of not buying anything “new”- anything used is fine, with certain exceptions, of course.

I haven’t formally attempted any of the experiments but it is only a matter of time.

I need the distraction and the challenge may just be the ticket to a more zen-y existence.


~ by angryegg on July 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Putting Your Wardrobe on a Diet”

  1. Woah, that’s a really cool idea…
    I would say I’m up for the challenge, but I don’t think I would last. It would be cool to follow someone attempting it though!

  2. Don’t sell yourself short- you never know until you give it a shot. You may be surprised how many people don’t notice you are wearing the same six items of clothing for 31 days!

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