36 Days to Unemployment (and Counting)

The days are counting down fast but my bravado of a few days ago has waned.

I was called into a meeting with a production executive with whom I may not call a “friend” exactly but we bonded over Dr. Who so we have an easy sort of rapport.

The offer was lower than my moving target of a minimum to stay but there have been some changes in my life that make this a bit more palatable.

My personal life has undergone (yet another) major upheaval- a complete 180 actually- so now Plan B, C, D… are in the works and the implementation of said plans will happen within a relatively short time span. The kicker is anything can happen and I have to have the mental flexibility to roll with it as life happens.

There is a certain familiarity that one gets when one has worked in one place for (almost) five years. This may be my longest tenure with one employer and if I accept the extension, it will definitely be my longest employer-employee relationship. Of course, I have longer (ongoing) relationships with clients I cook for but that is very different beast.

I know the job itself will only get crazier but that comfort level… is both seductive and limiting.

Anyone who knows me is still (still!) stunned that I allowed myself to be shackled as a wage slave but the fact that I am still here is the most astonishing. I blame the truly amazing people I have been lucky enough to work with.

I know there will be no movement on the offer but I have to ask. When I am denied, I will counter with the opportunity to get more involved production side.

Becoming immersed in the money side of things was always supposed to be a stepping stone- maybe this is my opportunity to leverage what I can do and spring into something that gets me closer to that creative life I crave.



~ by angryegg on July 22, 2010.

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