Breaking Up and Dating in the Digital Age, Part Two

I am not ready yet, but I find the eHarmony commercials very seductive. The production value is amazing and though I want to believe these are real people…I just have to say comment, the casting director did a fabulous job. These people are attractive but not so gorgeous that others would think they were unattainable. But I digress – that is another blog.

I just don’t know if I can go there. It’s not like there is a stigma attached anymore. People are busy, pulled in a hundred different directions constantly- how else do people find each other these days?

A friend of mine has tossed around the idea of becoming a matchmaker- I wish she’d get started already. That is pretty old-school but similar(ish) to having friends make the introduction.

People have talked about other sites, Plenty of Fish, LavaLife (do people still use that one?) which are an upgraded (?) techie version of the ads in the papers where people call in to make a love connection (or otherwise).

Why isn’t there a site for science fiction nerds like me? Maybe I just haven’t found it yet- though that would require looking.

A friend of mine used to do the preliminary intake at a matchmaking place where you put together a video others can view. One girl came in saying she liked to go to SF conventions and we couldn’t understand how she did not meet guys there.

Now I am wondering the same…. Oh yeah, I know why I can’t- I am shy.

I am not pathologically shy and most people who know me would be surprised. My introversion can usually be subsumed in certain situations where I don’t have a choice (sometimes you just have to be the most outgoing version of yourself) but I have this horrible tendency to become mute in the presence of guys I have the least bit of interest- not exactly conducive to dialogue leading to friendship or more.

So what is a selectively mute girl to do?


I feel like I am back in high school all over again but instead of passing notes, getting friends to do recon, going on drive-bys (practically a rite of passage back in the day), I have resorted to email and, unintentionally, my blog. (Is there a blogger code of ethics I should be worried about?)

I had ample opportunity to say something to this guy at the convention but I basically did a 180 every time I saw him or froze like a deer in headlights when I snuck in on the tail-end of a panel he was on. I didn’t know he was on that one (I checked the guide). I love that show (Being Erica) enough to have written a blog about it. I might have actually had something intelligent to contribute, @#$!#.

There has been a bit of an exchange. The ball is in my court but I don’t want to come across as a stalker with a rabbit in one hand, a knife in the other and an overflowing pot bubbling away on the stove.

What have I got to lose, really? Other than my self-respect, that is.

But how much is that really worth when compared to not having this as a regret?

I’ll probably hem and haw some more, make like Hamlet, over think it and then act rashly- hopefully not with deadly consequences.


~ by angryegg on July 21, 2010.

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