Just When You Think Things Can’t Get Worse….Another Wrench to Make Things Interesting

Things have been so crazy at work. I won’t regale you with details about tax credit deadlines, audit packages, funding applications….Zzzzzz

But the numbers look bad.

The last round of cuts happened in March but people are starting to come by with their final good-byes and we have no idea who will disappear next.

That is the kind of thing that just feeds on itself.

Good times.

I guess I should be happy I was given the boot in March with an extendo August 27th deadline. That deadline is coming up fast but I was called into a one on one meeting with one of the production executives and now I am in a bit of a quandary.

A little more money (shy of my minimum number to stay) but the contract would be worded in such a way I would get me severance when the new end-date arrives (but calculated at the slightly hire figure and longer term, kiddie bonus fries).

Positives: A chance to get a live-action credit, the opportunity to learn another (industry standard) payroll system, more time to set up alternate sources of income, another year of stability, peace of mind for my Mom (for a a little longer on this front so she can concentrate on worrying about other things that are totally out of her control).

But at what cost?

Negatives: There are even fewer people so the bag of sh!t is getting bigger and bigger (and that is not going to stop), this production is a potential nightmare, the mental cost of working in a toxic environment.

The last is really a state of mind and I can learn to change that perspective.

A friend went with me to Toronto Trek this weekend and we talked a little bit about work. I was surprised that he took a position in the company shortly after he had been given an extended end-date. His thinking? He will get one year under his belt, more qualifications and become that much more marketable. He is less naive than I thought. I can learn from him.

I will have to make a final decision this week. I’m about 90% there. I’ll request more money (which will be denied) and I will ask for the opportunity to get involved production side.

I may live to regret that request.


~ by angryegg on July 18, 2010.

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