What’s With the Micro Skin-tight Denim Shorts with Heels?

We were coming out of a sushi restaurant on Queen and there was a veritable parade of skinny girls in super short demim shorts that were so tight you could almost tell…nevermind.

That was questionable enough but when paired with pumps?

One word.


We were being judgey with the first girl because she was cycling in heels. (The only footwear more questionable for cycling would be flip flops.)

More than the outfit was the way she was standing. Very “look at me.” I am sure this girl doesn’t pay for anything at the bar.

But would we wear a similar outfit if we had her legs? I don’t know. Everyone has a certain style, esthetic. Even if we were her size and wore the same outfit, we would probably look different but the question is whether we would have the guts to “slut it up a bit” if we had the body? Maybe.

We were laughing about this when another girl walked by with short tight cuffed denim jean shorts and teetery high heels.

We rolled our eyes and smirked.

As with anything, as soon as it is on your radar, you see it everywhere.

At the theatre. Coming out of the bookstore. Hanging out at Starbucks.


It has been very hot and sticky so I get the shorts but skintight (anything) in this weather? Not so much.

Call me old-fashioned but comfort is important to me.

But who am I to judge? I am not the arbiter of good taste.

People can wear what they want and if it makes me temporarily blind, that is my problem.


~ by angryegg on July 12, 2010.

One Response to “What’s With the Micro Skin-tight Denim Shorts with Heels?”

  1. Nice rant, I’m totally on your side! *high fives* I hate the skank look.

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