Where’s Waldo, I Mean, the Queen?

A couple friends and I decided to take an early lunch so we could head to Queen’s Park (haha) to see Her Majesty.

The place was a zoo- made more so by the Shriners Parade earlier in the day.

Not knowing anything about what was happening, we made our way to the highest point we could get to without getting taken down by security.

What could we see? Bupkis.

And how is it that the tallest people seem to end up in the front???? This happens at concerts too- how does that work?

We heard something incomprehensible over the dime-store P.A. system so we figured the Queen had stepped outside. There was cheering and clapping- we used this as an inaccurate guide for Queen-spotting. A more accurate barometer was keeping an eye on where the media was focused.

It was funny watching people randomly run from place to place to get a better vantage point. Unless you were 6’6”, running around was going to make absolutely no difference. One friend broke away and joined the running pack. She came back with a picture of the Queen’s back. She didn’t actually see her- she just stuck up her arm and snapped the picture.

At least we now knew the colour of her hat- a target.

We waited until she was whisked away before looking for a way out of the barricades. There were hundreds of people there but we ran into people we knew. They were jumping up, doing silent screams of excitement and of course I joined in.

One got there early for a primo location and the other was in a special corral set aside for 50 lucky members of the Monarchist League. Each got an amazing shot of the Queen but one managed to give HM a bouquet of two-toned roses- an amazing feat considering a cop was blocking her. She was shaking so badly that it is a miracle she didn’t drop the flowers. She is probably still giddy- and will be for years!

It was bloody hot but the atmosphere was amazing. I would have been cooler to actually see her but I am glad we were there to feel the love for the Queen.


~ by angryegg on July 6, 2010.

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