A Run-in With Bell Canada or Do I Really Need a Landline?

So I tried to pay an overdue bill via the phone without my bill.

Big mistake!

I have had the same number since moving to Toronto- in ’93!!!

Holy cow!

I spend very little time at home so I am basically paying for a phone and internet that I (almost) never use. That is A LOT of money for nothing.

That is more than enough money to get me a pair of the very expensive boots I have been coveting for eons- every year!

I have been thinking about bundling up with Rogers but would I just be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire?

Let’s face it, they are both evil empires. Own the stock but don’t use their services.

So what are your options, really?

My brother lives at my place and he has a cell but my Mom has recently moved in and relies on the landline as her gateway to the outside world (she calls me constantly, yay).

So what to do?

These companies aren’t stupid. They know that once you sign on that dotted line the likelihood you would get angry enough to switch is slim.

To be crude, they have me by the proverbial balls.

The only reason I have stayed with them this long is not to rely solely on one evil empire- split the dependence- but what, again, are my options?

If I can get my Mom comfortable with the computer, I can set her up on SKYPE for outgoing calls. For unlimited calls to phones in North America, it would cost about $30 a year. But she would still need something for incoming calls. I could always give her my pay-as-you-go cell. If someone calls her, she can always call them back. It’s an awkward work-around but it’s a possibility.

One of the reasons I don’t carry my cell around is that I don’t like people being able to contact me 24-7. I don’t want to hide away like Thomas Aquinas in a cave tricked out with a library- well not for extended stretches- but who really wants to be at everyone else’s beck and call if they don’t have to?

Do I bother with Primus? Vonage? There are as many horror stories as there are positive reviews.

Rogers offer landlines but I believe Bell still owns the phone cable so if anything goes wrong, you are out wads of money. The irony is that I have been thinking of cutting cable because I’m never there and my brother really only watches hockey but Mom may or may not want to subscribe to specialty Chinese channels- and you can’t get them without first having Basic Cable (of course).

And don’t forget the fine print outlining the costs outside the seductively bolded monthly rates designed to lure you in.

Is cable is on the table (again)- especially since they raised rates (again)?

Or should I just submit to bundled savings (15% if I combine my cable, landline and internet) and become enslaved by Rogers?

I feel like Hamlet on the precipice of making a decision….

Will it be a rash one? And who will lose their life as a result?


~ by angryegg on July 5, 2010.

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