Toronto Post-G20

Anger. Frustration. Questions.

Lots of questions. With no satisfactory answers.

There was private security outside almost every building on the way to work yesterday morning but I didn’t see any police officers until I got to Roy Thomson Hall. Things inched a little closer to normal this morning when I saw more homeless people on the way to work than people with walkie-talkies.

Only the windows at Zanzibar were replaced when I walked by last night but about half the stores vandalized had their windows replaced by this evening and almost all were open for business.

My friend emailed me after midnight to let me know that her boyfriend was at the courthouse and would have a bail hearing this morning at 9am. He and about 70 others were picked up at U of T Sunday morning.

She was going to get there early even though she was certain things would be delayed- and she was right. Late this afternoon she called to say that he would be release without having to post a bond but he would be required to show up in court to defend himself at a later date.

Several people picked up at the same time were crying in the courthouse- the conditions at the detention centre were bad. I am sure the stress of the last couple days was catching up to them now that the end was in sight but it was so bad that their lawyers wanted these conditions on the record.

I question everything I read, see on t.v., hear firsthand and otherwise but when I get an account from someone who is as skeptical, I can’t help but start to believe some of the stories that compare the centre with Guantanamo.

Is that harsh? My answer would have been yes yesterday but now I am not so sure.

The burning police cars, the corralling of protesters and bystanders at Spadina and Queen, the decision to have the summit downtown in the first place, one billion and counting?

I will continue to reserve judgement until I have more information but it doesn’t look good. I get that the organizers and law enforcement were in a no win situation but….


~ by angryegg on June 29, 2010.

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