Summit Mayhem

It started quietly and ended with violence.

Welcome to Toronto.

It was quiet again this morning but who knows how long this will last.

We walked up Yonge from Dundas to College and more than half the windows had been boarded up.

The majority of them had been smashed last night and crews cleaned it up this morning.

This is certainly not the image of Toronto the Conservative government was hoping the world would see. Where are those pictures of the Fake Lake when you need them?

I had toyed with the idea of walking around yesterday but when the peaceful protests took a turn, staying inside seemed like the prudent thing to do. Some of my friends even got out of the city in advance of the Summit- they were smarter than me.

We were actually on our way to Shoppers and then to Tim Hortons on College and Yonge but we had to go to Plan B for coffee.

Hooligans, opportunists, whatever you want to call them, took out the Starbucks, Tim Hortons and Winners. The woman at Shoppers said they got lucky because they smashed windows on their way to University Avenue so they left the drugstore alone.

It was just Friday afternoon that I happened across a protest and arrests at the Winners. People had congregated on the sidewalk, held back by police officers as they tried to get the situation under control. I ran into a friend who had been following the protestors, acting like a Summit tourist if you will. There was almost a festive sort of atmosphere, people were curious but there was no danger. I wonder if she was in the thick of it yesterday and if she is going to follow the protests today.

I asked how you would know which windows had been boarded up in advance and which had to be cleaned up this morning. You can tell be the broken glass and the sawdust on the ground. The people at HMV on Yonge are probably sighing in relief.

There is footage of people smashing up the Scotiabank on Queen yesterday afternoon and apparently anarchist groups specifically targeted banks. The CIBC at Bay and College was boarded up. I think my bank fees just went up. Fabulous.

I guess I was naive- hoping the seemingly excessive security measures would be unnecessary. You expect protest but you always worry about those who will use this as an opportunity to incite chaos. It only takes a few people to turn everything to shit.

I want my city back- hopefully sooner than later.


~ by angryegg on June 27, 2010.

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