Summit Cops Air Out Dirty Laundry

My boyfriend and I were on our way back from Yonge and College when we saw several schools of cops on bikes ride by.

I guess a fair number of them were staying at the Delta Chelsea. Some cops were testy (one probably imbibed a little too much caffeine and had a slight altercation with a homeless man who was insisting on standing two feet off the sidewalk) and others were being chatted up by some women who giggled a lot.

We couldn’t help but turn to look when my boyfriend noticed this.

We wouldn’t have thought anything about this except that we saw so many police officers ride off from the side entrance of the hotel.

Apologies, it is a little hard to see the police officers and the hotel with the laundry being hung off the balconies.

I don’t know why but we we thought this was funny. Are laundry facilities not available at the hotel? It’s a little ghetto but resourceful (and green) police officers are leaving their uniforms in the open air to dry. I hoped they used cold water to hand wash and rinse.

Considering all that has happened in the lead-up to the Summit and the violence that ensued yesterday and the 500+ arrests (and counting), a little levity is a good thing.


~ by angryegg on June 27, 2010.

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