Lotto Max Fever- Can Somebody Just Win It Already?

And so the frenzy continues to build but there seems to be a bit of lottery fatigue.

I have had people half jokingly make comments about the jackpot being a hoax since no one has won it….

I don’t subscribe to this conspiracy theory but enough already.

Put us all out of our misery!

Today I threw another $5 into the office pot for this week’s draw. To date, the office pot has been unfruitful (no surprise there) but you never know.

You just never know. No one wants to be the schmuck who doesn’t throw in only to see the numbers come up.

Whenever I hear a jackpot being won by a group of people at work, I always wonder how the dynamic changes between the lucky group and “the others”….

It can’t be fun. I am getting uncomfortable just thinking about it. Some would be cruel, some would gloat, others would pretend not to gloat. I think I would feel a little guilty.

Stupid, huh?

With that, time to get back to the grind….


~ by angryegg on June 23, 2010.

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