Cop Watch, 2010

Thanks to the G20 Summit, Toronto has been deluged with law enforcement (and now an earthquake).

There is no end to the fun and excitement today!

While the earthquake is (hopefully) a temporary aside, the latest amusement for the kids in the office is scoping for cute police officers.

Yes, people are THAT bored but its good clean fun. It’s not like they are throwing money at them, distracting them from their duty with wolf whistles or anything- not that I know of at least.

You almost can’t turn a corner without running into them- they are everywhere.

But people are literally going out of their way to “happen across” those areas with a suspected high concentration of officers.

I haven’t gone on a cop watch run but I’ve bumped into people coming back from one, all flushed and giddy- and not because of the weather. To paraphrase one person’s reaction to the onslaught of eye candy, “Nice butt!” I wish I could capture her facial expression- you’ll just have to take my word that she was hysterical.

People are funny but who am I to judge? I was tempted to take a photo of some cute cops for this post but I am not sure if that is something I could get arrested for- so I held back.

As long as no one gets hurt, there are worse things one could do to amuse oneself while living through this political happening. Besides, a little levity to break the tension is a good thing.

BTW, someone who lives near The Esplanade saw Air Force One fly by about 45 minutes ago….

The Summit is ON!


~ by angryegg on June 23, 2010.

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