More Workplace Shenanigans


The toxic environment that we had been swimming in got slightly (very slightly) less toxic when they gave us the dates of our marching orders. 

It was a relief to know (finally) but what has been bugging me are those individuals who were peripherally on the “inside” pretending they had no clue about what was going to take place. 

Do you think we are THAT stupid? 

I didn’t call one person on his bluff because he is incredibly needy and really just wants to belong but I’ve seen his “mean girl” tendencies. I wasn’t about to tip my hand since he really was just on a fishing expedition. 

Are we ever going to leave high school? 

I am not holding my breath. 

My only real defense is to feign stupidity and not engage but I wonder if that hurts me more in the long run. Sometimes being underestimated is an advantage but that also allowed a former supervisor to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes to get a promotion and a raise. That she completely self-destructed is mildly satisfying but frustrating because I am basically doing a big chunk of her job and still only getting paid half. Part of the reasoning is that I don’t have an advanced designation but if I am already doing the work…. 

The layoff notices occurred around the time my performance was to be evaluated. How convenient. I had forgotten about this until my supervisor brought this up in conjunction with his revelation that he is campaigning to keep me on.

But as others find work and move on (to bigger and infinitely better) I am hearing more (whining continues to be an effective tactic of advancement) and more that completely frustrates and makes me hope (please, please, please) that I get low-balled when the greenlight we have been inching towards finally happens. I can then turn down the offer, move on and wait for news of the fallout when I am gone.

There is always fallout when a worker bee leaves- especially when no thought is given to succession planning.

Things are becoming increasingly unstable- who would have thought that was possible? The bag of sh!t keeps getting bigger and there are fewer and fewer people to bear the burden.

It is a recipe for disaster and even those with their heads in the sand are having trouble avoiding the stink.

If there is a god, let me get out of here with my reputation and severance intact.


~ by angryegg on June 16, 2010.

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