And the Numbers Continue to Shrink….

One of my friends at work told me she was offered a position at an animation studio.

I knew she had been interviewing and actively looking since the announcement to “right-size” the company. Upper management has been promising her an extension of her contract for a series that has been waiting on the official green light for weeks.

You snooze, you lose.

I am so happy for her because she has been worrying as our end date approaches but sad for us because this will mean another good person is gone. She has a wealth of experience in the industry and did much more than her senior production coordinator title would indicate.

Our company has no clue how to manage its staff. They could save money by promoting and developing people from within but there is absolutely no interest. So, good people move to better and better paying jobs. But then, those of us with an end date are basically ghosts. Our company doesn’t want us anyway so both sides should be happy, non?

When the green light does come through (whenever that will be) there will be a scramble and that means having to settle for who is available. That will be a joy but fortunately it won’t be my problem, necessarily.

I keep hearing talk about my possible extension into a new role and more money. It won’t be completely new. There would be new elements but I wouldn’t do it unless I received significantly more money. I know how much it would cost to get someone new in (at least 50% more on the cheap side, double what I am making on the realistic side) and this is not a role one could easily slip into. It would be a great transitional opportunity but logic is not the company’s strong suit. Besides, I would be more than fine with taking a breather.

At this point, I can’t lose.

I am just going to miss my friends. I was going to happen sooner or later but sooner it is.


~ by angryegg on June 8, 2010.

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