I Will Bet My House That Harper’s Head Just Exploded

The news just ran a story about Prime Minister Paul Martin’s near mythic status as a fiscal wizard among European nations.

So what do you think about that Stephen Harper?????


After a crappy day, that was the balm I needed.

The clouds have broken and the birds are singing.

I will sleep well tonight.

Europe is in the throes of its own debt crisis and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Buckets of money are being thrown at the problem with the promise of the adoption of more austere measures. After years of living the life of Riley, the piper has come calling and the people are revolting.

15 years ago Canadians also revolted. People within Martin’s own party wanted to take him down but Jean Chretien was behind him and his plan to right the ship. Martin acknowledged that he could not have taken those tough measures when he was given the portfolio of Finance Minister without Prime Minister Chretien’s support. I was shocked by the kind words- though Martin did not actually name him.

How dire was Canada’s financial situation? We weren’t on the edge but the edge was in sight. The deficit was massive and getting bigger. Compound interest can be your friend or your worst enemy- and 15 years ago, it was not a friend to Canada.

Martin likened Canada to a third world nation in credibility. We have come a long way despite our recent dip back into a deficit situation. And who do we have to thank for that?

Would that be Harper and his Conservatives, who in a few short years frittered away our surplus and made us a debtor nation? That would be a yes.

Awesome right?

I have always felt that Martin was not given a fair shake when he took his kick at the Prime Ministerial can but his rock star status on the international stage is something that makes me happy.

He deserves the accolades and the bonus fry that this probably sticks in the craw of Harper….



~ by angryegg on June 7, 2010.

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