The Greening of Company Benefits

I read an interesting article yesterday, The Rise of Company Gardens.

My very conservative anti-environmental friend is going to choke on the aluminum cans she constantly throws into the garbage.

Of course I think it is a good thing- especially if there is a corresponding initiative to divert organic waste produced in the office to onsite compost bins.

This is almost a given in more progressive companies such as Google but this is also taking hold in more traditional companies such as Toyota.

More than the green aspect of growing your own food (how more local could you get?), I wonder if this has something to do with demographics. Gardening is one of those activities associated with an aging population and since the older of the Baby Boomer cohort has only recently started to retire, this factor should not be discounted.

The different programs described vary greatly, as are the costs involved. Some are more about sharing the bounty for a minimal fee with participation encouraged while others expect volunteers to be fully engaged with the prize being fresh organic produce. Anyone who has ever shopped for organic fruit and vegetables knows this is a pretty big bonus fry.

Gardening is also good exercise. If you don’t believe me, try weeding for 15 minutes on your hands and knees! I am not a gym person so I would sign up in a heartbeat. And there is also something to be said for taking time out in the middle of the day to commune with nature- there is a zen aspect to gardening that could be a balm to the stresses of the office. The über-practical side of me gets practically giddy over the potential synergies.

I can hear the dissention now among the planet killers who would prefer to drink themselves into oblivion to get away from the grind. That is a legitimate option but one that is infinitely harder on the pocketbook and your liver.

Knowing a company would make the effort to start a garden definitely tick a box in their favour but only time will tell if this is something that will evolve beyond a fleeting trend.


~ by angryegg on May 13, 2010.

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