Coffee Cherries + Civets = Heavenly Brew

I have heard about the beans that are fermented inside the stomachs of the civets and then harvested from their dung before reading this article.

Hmmmm…. Appetizing.

Do I want to try it?

Hell yeah!

Despite my slight aversion to excrement, the coffee is supposed to have a smooth chocolaty flavour but how would I even know I was getting the “real” stuff?

Fakes are being peddled since one pound of the beans sell for about $227 USD. I am assuming this is the price for beans found in the wild since enterprising individuals are now setting up civet farms to increase output and eliminate the treasure hunting aspect of the operation.

What I find fascinating is how someone figured out that the coffee beans in civet poop (how did they even know they were coffee beans?) could be roasted, ground and brewed for a superior cup of coffee. Considering coffee is one of the biggest commodities traded, it is a pretty spectacular discovery (or rediscovery) that people are very eager to capitalize. But part of the problem in trying to strike it rich with the civet coffee bean is the declining civet population. Some prize civets more as a main course than for the riches they expel- killing the golden goose, if you will.

Given that, maybe I should try to hunt this down sooner than later- sorry, poor choice of words. I know someone who runs her own independent coffee establishment in town- maybe I should swing by and have a chat with her….

If anyone knows how to get her hands on the real thing, she should.


~ by angryegg on May 11, 2010.

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