Taking Another Look At Work

People were asking me if I had my resume out before the official layoffs- two email notices alluding to slicing and dicing will tend to raise the level of panic- but since the announcement, the stress level has amped up ten-fold for some while others have just given up.

To be honest, it makes me a little uncomfortable to be asked this within earshot of HR.

As difficult as it has been to come into work knowing there is no future here, even tougher is trying to concentrate when half the people are in a fog, a few are strutting around like they now own the company and the rest are tiptoeing around with survivors guilt weighing them down.

The general malaise is infectious.

I had a conversation with someone today and it turns out we are pretty much in the same boat. Originally she was to have finished today but her stay was extended to the end of August. At this point, she is not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing.

While it is nice to have money coming in, she is underpaid and it really just puts off the inevitable. There are few opportunities right now but will the climate change in four months? Hard to say.

Psychologically it is tough to continue at a place where you are made to feel like they are doing you a favour by extending your tenure. Is the bird in hand still worth it?

My supervisor is trying to keep me on. He understands the work will not magically go away when current productions finish. I am doing my best to tie up loose ends, clear away as many of the audits for the old projects as possible, make everything accessible and to train the person who will be left holding the bag but four months is not a lot of time- especially since I am to play a big part in setting up the accounting system to which the company will be moving to for production.

As exciting as this would be, it is tough knowing that I will likely not be reaping the benefits of the changeover.

At this point I honestly don’t know what I would do if I was offered the extension. The proposed bump up is nice but I would still be making 40% less than what my predecessor received. The flip side is that it would be about 43% more than what I made in September when I took my leave of absence. That is a significant bump percentage-wise but it best illustrates how underpaid I was (am).

I’m depressed now.

I was actually looking forward to taking some time off because I don’t have major money worries. I may feel differently once E.I. kicks in and I have to live on a lot less.

In this climate, I have been giving serious thought to getting into the union (production accountants fall under the DGC) and working freelance. The idea is to have more than one source of income. Apparently I am not the only one who is thinking this.

It is akin to not putting all your eggs into one basket.

I want to make diversification my friend. If I can get into the union as a permittee and do some projects on the side, it could work.

What would be the best thing for me? Right now I don’t know. I just want to keep as many options open as possible.

Something is bound to stick, right?


~ by angryegg on April 30, 2010.

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