Dissed at Pho Hung

Mom has been talking about going for Vietnamese noodles for a while now because her friends have been telling her it is amazing.

So what was the final verdict?


I am always in Chinatown but I have never been to the Pho Hung on Spadina.

The broth was good but she really wasn’t really impressed with the rest.

I am not surprised. She is a good cook and judges everything against what she can and cannot make herself but she is especially critical when it comes to value.

I can’t really judge her for it because I do the same- though not to such an extreme.

It was okay but I probably won’t go again but not because I didn’t like the food. The food was fine but the service sucked (worse than what you typically get in Chinatown), the person at the counter stiffed my Mom $30 (she asked for the proper change of course), the bathroom was disgusting and the waitress completely dissed me.

We asked how big the bowls of Pho were. She didn’t really give us the size but she said a small bowl would be enough for Mom but maybe not for me.


The way she cocked her head at me when she said it was the most ridiculous part. I was a little shocked but it was kind of funny.

I’m average- about an 8/10 (though sometimes I’ve purchased a size 6 and sometimes a 12- such is the beast that is women’s fashion).

But in Asian circles, I’m a fat cow.

That’s okay, I am used to people saying as much to my face. My sister used to call me fat all the time but don’t feel sorry for me- I got her back.

I am actually tempted to try the Pho Hung location on Bloor again- it’s been years. Maybe I’ll check out a couple Vietnamese joints on Ossington south of Queen recommended to me by a friend.

But maybe I’ll hold off for a bit.

I think I might try a restaurant where I’ll likely not be insulted- at least not to my face.


~ by angryegg on April 30, 2010.

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