All Hail Harper, Defender of Women and Children Everywhere

The very mention of his name makes me nauseous.

But we have been stuck with him for what feels like forever almost four years and it looks like we will be stuck with him for a while longer because the other political parties are completely ineffectual, seem content to fight for scraps and are more concerned with fighting each other. I am sorry, boys and girls, but that is just a sucker’s game.

Apologies- I digress.

I bit my tongue when Harper first proclaimed that he would be the champion for maternal and child health but Bev Oda’s (Minister of International Co-operation) official announcement that funding for abortion was off the table, I couldn’t stop myself.

Harper and his government claim they want to avoid the abortion debate but this the slippery slope that could pave the way to reopen discussion.

To quote, “We’re not debating abortion; we’re clarifying family planning.”

Shades of 1984 anyone?

Are we now a country of half-measures, allowing ourselves to be guided by right-wing religious ideologues?

How much further do we need to regress before Canadians sit up and tell the Conservatives to shove it?

By its very nature, the pendulum swings….

I understand.

I am just waiting for it to swing back towards a world that is more compassionate and empathetic. One that realizes everything is connected- so our natural tendency towards selfishness just serves to isolate.

I don’t expect to ever live in a “perfect world” (what would that even look like?) but it has got to get better than this.


~ by angryegg on April 28, 2010.

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