Karl, Karl, Karl- You Are My Hero

I stumbled upon this article about Karl Lagerfeld while reading LaineyGossip that needs to be shared.

To say that he is a study in contradictions is an understatement but that is exactly the reason why he is so fascinating.

For those who dare (and have a decent amount of time because the article is not your standard two-page fluff piece), here it is.

You won’t regret it. Promise.

I could dissect the interview but I think it is best to read this without too much being given away (I don’t want my bias to influence anyone’s take) and then discuss among fellow wanna-be fashionistas.

But I will leave you with one thought: I challenge anyone to read this and not consider it an honour to be sized up by Herr Lagerfeld and be found wanting.


~ by angryegg on April 1, 2010.

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