Please note: Names have been omitted to protect the innocent and the guilty.

I received a bizarre email on Friday and I instantly assumed the worst.

What can I say? It’s my cautious and pessimistic (self-preserving) nature.

This was the email: “Are you still interested in being team captain?”


This got my back up.

My response: “I thought I still was but if someone wants to take over, they can go for it.”

To say I was angry is an understatement. At first I wondered if I might have misinterpreted the intent of the query so I asked my boyfriend. His thought is that it could be read either way but my spidey senses were tingling.

There are a couple things that are very telling:

  1. To my knowledge, they have never asked if someone wanted to “continue” to be the captain.
  2. I replied to the email immediately (four days ago) and I have not received a response.


Let me backtrack a little.

Two years ago, I received some urgent phone calls and emails. The captain of the tennis team was resigning over some political stuff that had been waging for a while. I stayed out of these things as much as possible because I generally like all the people involved and I just wanted to play tennis.

This was a big deal. She had been captain for a long time and the co-captain would also be stepping down. We already had half the team leave the previous year and now this. They were looking for someone to step in and save the team.

My fear was that if we let the team go, we would never be able to bring the team back. This is a busy club and there is a little resentment over the amount of court time allocated to team play. As much as I hated stepping into a political quagmire, I felt obligated because I really was the only one who could have done it at the time.

It was a building year but pretty decent considering the rocky start. Morale was high, fences were mended and the team was saved.

This past summer we won our division but it wasn’t hiccup-free. One person bad-mouthed me to everyone who would listen and this spoiled what should have been a good season.

Except for the slap in the face, they may have done me a favour.

I am busy with other obligations. My father’s estate is still not settled, we have to sell my parent’s house, I may be selling my house and I have my pending unemployment hanging over my head.

In spite of everything swirling around, my intention was to honour my commitment to the team. I had attended the general ladies league meeting two weeks ago, scheduled the try-outs and was planning some changes for the structure of the team itself.

Well, I guess I can strike that headache off my plate. Actually, there are some loose ends that need to be tied up before it is actually someone else’s problem responsibility.

Soon hopefully.

I am not used to such generosity. The number of “favours” people are doing for me is almost overwhelming.

They did say the Year of the Tiger will be a tumultuous one….

And they weren’t kidding.


~ by angryegg on March 30, 2010.

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