Getting Checked Out at the Grocery Check-out Line…

And be found wanting.

Only a wee bit embarrassing….

That was us last night when we decided to go for a junk food/convenience food run- it is very handy having a 24-hour grocery store on the ground level of the building.

Almost too handy….

The boy has been sick (a lingering cold) and I have been stressed so we decided to go for a chip run when Hellboy ended.

We wandered around the store and ended up with the following in our basket: four bags of chips (two kettle cooked, two different kinds of Lays), 10 bags of Sidekicks (handy to have around when we are feeling too lazy to cook- yes, the cost (99 cents) is extravagant but cheaper than the cheapest take-out when prepared as a side dish to accompany a protein and veg), two packages of caramel wraps for apples (they were on sale) and two bottles of diet soda (for him- only the full sugar stuff for me).

In front of us, a girl with a guitar (that kept slipping off her shoulder so she was constantly whipping it back and forcing us to lean away for fear of getting smacked) put down three one pound packages of strawberries, three red and three green apples, a small packet of salad greens, whole wheat tortillas, three bars of dark chocolate, a carton of juice (not from concentrate) and a cucumber.

I am sure she gave us the “I’m obviously better than you look” but we were busy dodging her guitar so I can’t say with absolute certainty. She had a knapsack for her groceries but had to put down five cents for a bag so I judged her back.

The guy behind us didn’t acknowledge thanks for putting down the barrier between our junk food and his balsamic vinegar, tiny wedge of expensive hard cheese and container of serve-yourself olives but gave us “the look” for sure.

I didn’t bother to look behind the cheese guy because everyone was crusty over the very long line-ups. It was all we could do not to laugh out loud over the judgment and crusty people only get crustier when someone else is full of mirth.

It’s funny because we all do it. We check out the carts and baskets of the people shopping around us- especially the cute ones. And do you notice how they get cuter or less cute depending on the contents of said cart or basket?

In a Chinese market, checking out other people’s baskets is the best way to figure out if there is a good deal on something. Someone told my Mom not to buy something because it was cheaper elsewhere and this only happened because she checked out her basket. There CAN be camaraderie among shoppers!

My boyfriend was joking that we should have made it seem like we were getting snacks for a party. We’re not pigs, we’re just popular.

I laughed out loud because we were out of the store by then and I was just thinking that we would have been spared the judgment Super Bowl weekend because everyone would have been walking around with armfuls of snack food.

As amusing as it was last night, I think we will have to go dressed in hoodies for our next junk food run- the more obviously clandestine, the better.


~ by angryegg on March 29, 2010.

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