No, I Am Not Going On A Job Interview

And if I were, would I tell you???

How many times have I been asked if I am going on a job interview this morning?

I’ve lost count and it is only 10:30!

What did I do?

I decided to not dress like my usual casual self.

Do I usually look that bad? I know I am a bit disheveled most of the time and limiting my make-up routine to 30 seconds probably adds to the “just got out of bed” effect.

Our office is pretty casual- much to the chagrin of the head of HR I’m sure- though more corporate than other studios so a blouse (and it IS a blouse) with dress pants and heels (only because the pants are too long for running shoes) is a little out of the norm for the office in general.

I even had someone offer to lend me a jacket for the interview but I think it would have clashed with the rest of the outfit. Besides, a jacket would be too formal for most animation studios unless paired with dressy jeans and heels.

Everyone pretty much expects people to be ducking out for interviews since the axe fell and since the office is small, everyone knows who is and isn’t staying.

People in some departments have been actively searching for weeks but my end date doesn’t happen for a while so there is no need for me to rush.

 I have looked at some of the job sites geared to entertainment but I am not ready to pound the pavement. I am not even sure if I want to stay in this industry. I have seen more things suited to others so I have passed them along.

I just hope they remember me when they win that Oscar or Emmy (or Genies and Geminis for us Canadians)….


~ by angryegg on March 22, 2010.

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