As Promised….

This cover still leaves me speechless.

I almost left it behind but I would have kicked myself after the fact- and for 33 cents, I was willing to take the chance.

The title on the spine intrigued me because I wanted to learn how to twirl a baton when I was young. I remember using a broom handle as a baton- with disastrous results. Luckily I didn’t knock down anything breakable.

That may have been the last time I attempted to twirl.

So I pulled it out for a better look- any book claiming to be the “complete” anything catches my attention- apparently I am that easy.

I almost laughed out loud when I looked at the cover. Is it just me or does the cover model look like she could be Richard Simmons’ cousin??? The hair, the outfit….

I had a quick flip through, put it back, walked away and came back again. Did I care that a cute guy perusing the sports section would see me pick up this crazy book? Only for a fraction of a second.

The book sale was charging 50 cents per book or three for $1. This was going into my pile to be sorted later. I was giving myself a time limit and it had passed the initial test.

As it turns out, it would be the twelfth book. Perfect.

I am proud of this acquisition. My boyfriend thinks I am cuckoo bananas but he doesn’t expect any less.

I told my friend about my youthful ambition to become a baton twirler. She laughed at me and promised to give me the baton she had begged her parents for when she was a kid.

I may learn to twirl yet.


~ by angryegg on March 21, 2010.

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