Almost everyone is in black today.

There are a few dissenters who don’t believe in following the crowd. I can respect that but I see this as a  a harmless way of protesting- and if it makes some people uncomfortable, so be it.

I was hoping to find a pillbox hat with a lacy half-veil to complete my ensemble but I ran out of time and I don’t really want to be spending money when I may have to start pinching my pennies even harder next week.

Two of the more senior production staff was asked to meet late in the afternoon yesterday and apparently they went home to change into black before returning for their respective “meetings.” One was asked to leave immediately- all the blame was pinned on her for the poor creative (not even close). The other was asked to stay on for a little longer and hang onto the smoldering bag of sh!t.

I think the one who was asked to leave immediately got the better deal.

One person was asked to leave yesterday because today is his birthday.


I heard rumours that this amazing person who had been on mat leave the last year and was scheduled to return soon was told there was no job for her to return to.

How low can you go?

Very little work was done yesterday and even less will be done today.

I am completely distracted and there is no end to the speculation. Some people are going around and admiring all the black ensembles- at least there is some comic relief to break the tension.

The LCBO opened up a location just down the street. I may have to saunter down and pick up a little something to add to our Tim Horton’s double double…


~ by angryegg on March 12, 2010.

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